Two Weeks in Spain | Barcelona and Tarragona

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

I recently came back from my holiday to Spain, and let me tell was very much needed. I didn't actually realise just how stressed I was until going away on this trip. I very well know that I am naturally a very stressy person. Even if I have submitted all my deadlines, checked my bank account, returned my library books, finished my prep for my upcoming seminars etc. I will find something to stress out about. It is literally in my blood to be an extremely stressful person. Therefore, I feel like a holiday was something that should have happened a very long time ago.

Throne of Glass | Book Review

Thursday, 15 March 2018

After seeing all the hype that the Throne of Glass book series gets on booktube, I thought I should probably add it to my TBR. As well as booktube, my friends Katie and Paige also really enjoy the series (and I trust their opinions), so that gave me extra motivation to start the series. The final push was the fact that it got reduced to £4 on Amazon, and to me, that's a good sign to start a new book!

March TBR

Thursday, 8 March 2018

New month, new TBR. Although it's a bit of a late post, I still wanted to share my TBR with you all. By writing this post each month, I feel like it gives me more motivation to actually read these books! Despite the fact that I didn't complete my TBR of only three books last month, I have challenged myself to five this month. This makes no logical sense, but I'm feeling up to the challenge. I only have one deadline this month for university, so what better time to do some reading before my exams in May. Plus, one of the books is a set text for my university course, so technically it's only four books, right?


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