New Lush Products

Saturday, 9 December 2017

A few weeks ago I bought some new Lush products as I have recently decided that I want a natural skincare routine. I have struggled with my skin for a long time...I don't have a specific skin type, instead I have a combination of quite a few. Usually, my skin is oily and acne prone. However, sometimes it can be combination as well as sensitive. As you can tell, this makes it extremely difficult to find an effective skincare routine.
Therefore, I decided that having a more 'natural' skincare routine might be the best next step. I transitioned to cruelty-free makeup at the beginning of the year and I planned to use cruelty-free skincare as well. Most of my skincare is from The Body Shop, so the majority of my products were already cruelty-free. However, Lush products have always appealed to me due to the products being handmade with natural ingredients (also all the products I bought are also vegan). The products I recently picked up were Angels on Bare Skin, Tea Tree Toner Water and Cupcake.


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