February Bullet Journal Setup

Sunday, 4 February 2018

This year I decided to give myself a kick in the butt when it comes to organisation. It wasn't necessarily a New Year's resolution, just more of a lifestyle change. So what better way than to start using a bullet journal? I have wanted to start a bullet journal since the end of 2016. However, I always felt nervous and lacked the confidence due to the beautiful spreads that you can see on Instagram and Pinterest. After watching a large amount of bullet journal videos, I realised that I didn't have to be the next Van Gogh in order to start my own journal.

I consider myself a creative person. I love creating new things, whether it's art, youtube videos, blog posts e.t.c. I just love the creative process. Therefore, I felt that if I was going to start a bullet journal, it would have to be beautiful, full of aesthetically pleasing colours as well as lettering. However, after watching Lily Pebble's 2018 bullet journal video, I realised that the most incredible part of bullet journalling was that you can tailor your journal to your own personal needs. That's when I realised that it would be amazing for me in order to organise university studies, my social life as well as my blog and youtube channel.

I'm am naturally a very stressed out person. I'm pretty sure I was born pulling my hair from my head out of stress. Therefore, my second year at university has been quite a challenge to say the least. When people say that the second year of their course was the hardest time they went through during their degree, they really aren't exaggerating. Therefore, due to hearing how theraputic journalling could be, I knew it was time to finally buy one.

The journal I use is the Leuchtturm1917 notebook. I have it in black as I thought it was nice and simple. As well as this, I have the dotted version as I thought it would allow me a lot more freedom when it came to creating my spreads/setups. As well as this, I use both the Zig Art and Graphic Twin Markers and the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen for my lettering.

My January spread was kind of like a test for me, I wanted to try lots of different styles (hence why I didn't make a post on my January setup). Now that I have got the hang of things, I decided to show my February setup. For this month I did a simple monthly overview as well as weekly overviews, however I haven't added pictures of those as they were fairly dull. As well as this, I decided to add a social media 'schedule'. I have seen multiple people including schedule's in their journals and thought it was a great idea. I am trying to get better at being consistent when I post on my blog and when I upload videos on my channel. Therefore, I am planning on crossing the days where I want to make sure I have something going up on my blog or channel. To help me do so, I also decided to add an 'ideas' page. Although I have an ideas page in my 2018 setup, I thought it would be helpful to have a separate page for content I specifically want to post/upload in February. For example, something like a 'February Favourites' blog post.

Next, I decided to incorporate a 'mood tracker'. Like I previously said, I am extremely stressed all of the time. Therefore, I thought it was important to start keeping track of my mood. This will be extremely helpful as, if I see a negative trend in my mood, I know that I need to change something within my day to day life. For example, if I'm feeling extremely stressed, then I know I need to take more time to myself in the evenings to relax. On the right hand side, I have my 'this month' page. Again, in my 2018 setup, I have a larger version of this. However, I realised that it wouldn't be big enough for the whole year, so I have decided to use if simply for highlights. By simply having a page for each month, I will still be able to keep track of the films and tv shows I have been watching, as well as books I have read throughout the month and not just the year.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my February setup. I have also uploaded a video of my setup on my channel. It's in no way perfect but it's definetely improving. I am planning on practicing my lettering in the evenings when I'm feeling stressed as it is extremely relaxing! If you are considering starting a bullet journal then definetely go for it, because it is so helpful for organisation as well as relaxation. Do you have a bullet journal, if so please let me know any tips and tricks you may have!

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